How Broadband allowed us to get Counselling and Coaching in Lockdown.

One of the impacts from the COVID 19 pandemic were mental problems which were caused by lack of human interaction and job closure. For most of us during these times we were able to use information technology to access and gain help with mental issues.

During lockdowns, people have a heightened sense of security and feel that they are safe in their home environment. This also created an opportunity for individuals to seek help online and also to access information they might not otherwise have access to while busy in the work environment. But for many people being alone or at home in a confined space mental health or physical health issues arose.

Broadband internet stepped up during this time to provided clinicians, health care administrators, and other providers of healthcare systems with potential new ways to deliver healthcare service offerings when they couldnt see patients in their office.

How Broadband was used for Client reach inside the healthcare industry

By utilizing online connectivity, healthcare organizations were able to expand their reach beyond their normal customer base and services through social media and marketing. They made a pivotal change to online services rather than closing for the duration.

Broadband Internet became important to clinics because they can not only use Internet access to get information and stay current but also work with patients from a safe working environment.

In addition along with client/patient communication with the technology, clinician can run their businesses with billing and other cloud available services including marketing, social media and communication.

Broadband Internet helped clinicians in providing the same or better healthcare services that their patients might normally get via live interaction. They can easily request and send pictures and videos of the affected area, client notes or work they request as part of a treatment plan and provide information or prescriptions almost like normal.

In healthcare industry, the internet has become important part of their business even before Covid and lockdowns arrived. Each clinician is able to provide a wider range of healthcare service to their patients and be more of use during a time of mental and physical challenges. Broadband connections from organisation like Onplatinum are easy to organise, often contact free or operating with Covid safe practices and allow patient/clients and coaches to connect and be an integral part of healthcare organizations so that they can provide better health solutions and coaching for clients.