Do you need to take fish oil on a regular basis?

As we all know, fish oil is the best food supplement you could ever choose due to its many positive effects – from treating skin diseases to heart problems. Common sense says it is healthy since it comes from fish, but is this true? Does it affect someone else in a negative way? Let’s find out.

Does fish oil prevent heart-related problems?

Numerous studies are pointing that fish oil represents the best remedy for treating heart-related diseases, especially when used in short periods of time. However, a couple of recent studies have shown that everything depends on the person. In December 2016 a conducted research pointed that fish oil was not effective in the treatment of several patients with long-term heart-related problems. Still, some earlier studies proved the efficiency of the fish oil, preventing cardiac deaths on a high scale. On the other hand, there was a study (back in 2010), where a man who had a heart-related problem, which presented clear evidence that fish oil made things only more complicated, where a poor man eventually died.

Metabolic syndrome and fish oil

You have probably bumped into a text that has a title “Fish oil enhances metabolic syndrome.” First of all – what is metabolic syndrome? A metabolic syndrome is a group of symptoms and biomarkers that usually appear before heart diseases and diabetes. Therefore they can be used for identifying possible problems related to heart or diabetes. A recent study indicates that taking fish oil on a regular basis for three months (in combination with olive oil) can drastically decrease triglycerides and cholesterol. A possible reason for this is olive oil which is rich in antioxidants. However, another study came with different results – a woman was taking fish oil only and had increased levels of cholesterol and blood glucose. A wider picture came when 15,000 people who suffered from diabetes was undergone to the treatment with fish oil.

Is fish oil effective at all? Can it prevent cancer?

Fish oil is a great ingredient that could prevent diseases like cancer or heart-related problems. However, the problem with confirming its healing properties is that every patient is different, so there is no universal treatment. Omega-3 consumption decreases the risk of prostate cancer and reduces possible problems related to the heart. Still, we need more numbers regarding statistic to give fish oil a title of cancer prostate treatment. Until that time, you can consume fish oil – 12 to 16 ounces of fish oil per week will be enough if you are healthy. Also, if you don’t eat fish (for some reason), then fish oil is something you must intake on a weekly basis.